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22-Nov-2015 13:29

The damage from sexual abuse can likewise be completely life-altering, and there may be moments when victims will minimize its impact or downplay it because it wasn’t ‘violent’ in a physical way but the damage is real.Abuse of any form – whether verbal, physical or emotional – is never okay.While you may figure that you’d know abuse when you saw it, there’s actually plenty of grey area too…we won’t necessarily all agree on when unpleasant behaviour becomes “abuse”.

And frankly, I’m not sure it’s our place to tell you for certain…

But it’s probably worthwhile to talk about how you feel in about the situation, which may well be that the person is abusing you, or taking advantage of you, or not respecting you, all things that are important.

“It’s not your fault” can feel like an incredibly loaded statement, I know.

From one side, when you see someone suffering through abuse, it’s often the first thing you want to say…

The struggle to answer questions like “why is this happening”, “what’s wrong with me”, “why can’t I stop it”, can all leave you feeling confused, angry, ashamed, even suicidal.

No one has the right to hurt you – you have the right to be safe, happy and free of physical and emotional pain.

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