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30-Jun-2015 22:28

AA: “Pumapunku is the only site on planet Earth that, in my opinion, was built directly by extraterrestrials.” Ancient Aliens starts off with a false dilemma by making people think that it was absolutely impossible for ancient people to construct Pumapunku, even to the point of making outright false claims.AA: “One of the most intriguing thing there is it that the stones that were used there weren’t sandstone, they’re granite and diorite.They actually used a method that almost all ancient stone workers used.

AA: “Of course [Pumapunku was] made out of stones found on Earth, because you don’t transport granite or diorite from another solar system.” Von Daniken continues building up this false dilemma: AA: “One of these platforms is 800 tons.” That is very incorrect, the heaviest block at Pumapunku is 130 tons, and most of the stones are much smaller than that. Unfortunately we will come to expect this kind of thing from Von Daniken as we progress.

Ancient Aliens spends quite a lot of time pointing out the various features in the stone masonry at Pumapunku before declaring it impossible to do without power tools.