Are devon werkheiser and lindsey shaw dating 2016

29-Mar-2016 07:29

Reportedly, as of January 2014, she began working in scheduling at CBC in Candada. For a while now, Meagan has been playing the friend to every leading lady, but her roles in the Sadly, it seems we will not see our beloved Harvey on TV any time soon (or ever again).

Nate has gone off of the acting grid to focus on his music career, where he’s released some solo indie records.

He's cuter now that he's not on Nick, but his career hasn't moved anywhere since then.

Ross Hull ditched the glasses and acting after a few starring roles, in favor of a suit job – and he looks great now!

Off in his native Canada, he started a career in the mid-2000s as a weatherman.

Recently, she played the part of Nancy Reagan in a hilarious episode of .

Recently she was in a reading as Jacking Kennedy in , basically one of the bitchiest cheerleading captain's of this generation.

Since then, she’s appeared on dozens of TV shows and movies as smaller roles, playing friends or girlfriends to main characters.