Arnold on the dating game

10-Feb-2016 00:29

I went to a ton in middle school and there was a lot more involved in the ceremony than speaking Hebrew for about 10 seconds like Harold did.

She eventually realized that 4th graders shouldn't need to worry about how neatly groomed their eyebrows are or impressing boys, because why would we want to impress a bunch of smelly boys anyway.

What an unforgettable episode, but I can never look at it the same way again after someone mentioned that she looks like Grimes.

With Arnold's help he eventually overcame his fear of leaving his stoop and his accomplishment was met with much fanfare.

This dude who nursed Arnold's carrier pigeon to health was basically harassed by some of the kids and had the best #micdrop moment ever: He literally used his pigeons as his wings and flew into the sunset. Okay, let me just say that Harold's Bar Mitzvah left me with more questions than answers.First of all, isn't the Hey Arnold crew in 4th grade? It was also funny but had its moments of seriousness that taught us all a little lesson without whacking us upside the head with it.The characters were so diverse and full of life and its use of jazz was also really unique.

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Stoop kid was a kid who hung out on a stoop and was too afraid to leave it because...

I don't know, agoraphobia or just general discomfort.

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