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19-Mar-2016 20:15

The publication All the Art continues to try and fill voids they see in the St. This weekend they tried to bridge the gap between art makers and organizations that show art.“It just gives us the chance to be able to make the connections that we need, that we might not know that’s available to us, so I think this is really beneficial to everyone,” said Jacqueline Craig, 27, creative head director of First Friday Art Walks, Old North, who will soon open Art C Gallery.Gina Alvarez, 41, Executive Director VSA Missouri and Living Arts, supported this theory.She said the event was likely the first like it that she’s ever attended.“This is one of the first that I’ve participated in to this degree. Louis is a culturally vibrant community and there’s a lot to offer in terms of the arts,” said Alvarez.

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“Our hope is that each person that’s here will be bold and brave and introduce themselves to someone and find something that they need and find ways in which they can assist others,” said Griesbach.The speed-dating-esque event let artists sit face to face with administrators and curators to discuss their work and whether it fits with certain institution’s anesthetics and goals.Artists and administrators talked about application and grant processes as well as additional support programs that exist in the St. The event featured art education programs and cooperative groups as well. Louis and said this type of event was indicative of a change in the arts community over recent years.He said there seems to be a specific push to make relationships between artists and venues more transparent over recent years.

The event aimed to increase artists’ understanding of what galleries, venues and museums are looking for in terms of local artwork.

Artists from various neighborhoods and disciplines were also invited to provide 15-minute presentations on their work.