Best cities for african american dating

01-Nov-2015 12:55

This measure examines information for each region on women’s educational attainment, life expectancy and median earnings, converting this data into a score out of 10.Although women in the majority of these metropolitan areas are faring as well or better than average -- the average American woman’s score on the AHDI is a five -- six regions ranked below this national standard. women make an average of ,000 more each year than women in the lowest-ranked urban area, Riverside-San Bernadino.UPTOWN partnered with Are You Interested ( to pinpoint the cities with the most Black singles.(You may know the popular Facebook dating app from a little dating infographic they released last year about curvy women.We also discovered the parts of the country where your chances of getting down with the swirl are more likely.And for good measure, there’s some info about what upwardly mobile Black singles are interested in these days.

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The report focuses on the 25 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States and ranks each city based on the American Human Development Index (AHDI).(Scroll down to see the full rankings.)The nation’s capital, which also came out on top for women’s pay in a survey released for Equal Pay Day on April 17th, topped the list. There, according to the report, 1 in 5 women haven’t completed high school, and female workers earn an average of ,300 -- the same as the national average for both men and women in 1970, adjusted for inflation.