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28-Jul-2016 00:21

Take for example the genealogies found at Genesis -, 10:1-31, -32, 14:1-8, , -24, 25:1-4 & 12-19, , 28:6-19, 36:1-4 & 9-43, 38:1-5, 46:8-27, 48:7, Numbers 1:1-42, 2:5-32, -60, and 27:1, just to start with.

The details in these accounts prove the Bible to be a compilation of amazingly accurate historical details.

Notice that the Gospel writer Luke wrote in the book of Acts (in Chapter 2, verse 29): 'It's good to speak to you openly about the patriarch David; for he died, was buried, and his tomb is still with us to this day.' Yet, many modern critics claim that David never existed!

Why would anyone say such a thing when there is no proof at all that he is fictional?

For its details as to family lines, lands of occupation, life spans, and events should provide positive proof to even the most skeptical observers that its accounts are genuine and accurate, because no one would go into such minute detail if they were simply creating a forged document.

Oh, they could if they wished, but that would require a high level of sophistication and some very dark motives.

And look at the meticulous records of the people who served in the court of King David, as can be found from 1 Chronicles 23 to the end of that book.

– things that nobody would be interested in today – and ask why anyone would make all of this up. Also realize that each of the names actually meant something in Hebrew, so they weren't just a jumble of sounds.

Consider the fact that few would question the authenticity of the Tomb of King David (although the current location is questionable), since it is so well documented by known accurate historians, such as Josephus.