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With diversity & inclusivity as an imperative she provides clients with courage to transform their leadership vision. She has been active with the BEP Team since its 2010 inception, serving as Project Director for Phase 1. Laura Mae Lindo is serving as a Senior Consultant on the analysis and reporting of the project.

A groundbreaking research study of the "lived experience" of individuals across the Greater Toronto Area who self-identify as Black or of African heritage.

The study focuses on the contributions, successes, experiences and challenges of the people from this diverse set of communities.

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The project is also being supported by a number of other leading organizations as Collaborating Partners, including the African Canadian Development Council, the Black Artists Network Dialogue, the Jamaica Canadian Association, the Region of Peel, Redemption and Reintegration Services, the City of Toronto, Tropicana Community Services and Black Artists Network Dialogue (BAND). The research is guided by a Research Advisory Group, composed of academic researchers with an established track record of relevant research.Hear from our Community Interviewers The project is founded on evidence demonstrating that survey research can serve as a powerful vehicle to give voice to individuals and groups who are not normally heard from.