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Still, the NBPP upholds Khalid Abdul Muhammad as the de facto father of the movement.When former Nation of Islam (NOI) minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad became the national chairman of the NBPP from the late 1990s until his death in 2001, he, Shabazz, and many other breakaway members of the NOI followed minister Muhammad to the NBPP during this period.

The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (NBPP) is a U.S.-based black political organization founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1989.Nzinga served as personal assistant to minister Muhammad.In April 2010, Malik Zulu Shabazz appointed French Black leader Kémi Séba as the representative of the movement in France.

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Despite its name, NBPP is not an official successor of the Black Panther Party.

Chawn Kweli, who, initially, served as NBPP national spokesman replaced Nzinga as national chief of staff.