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16-Feb-2016 10:37

They found that it is important to children that they have a sense of connection to their parent, especially through communication, as the parent is connecting to someone else.

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The majority of single parents re-enter the dating process at some point, whether for purely social connection with another adult or for the purpose of finding a partner to spend their life with.After finding someone special, most will struggle with the question of when to introduce the children to this person, how to introduce them and the degree to which they should be involved in the lives of their children.Rather than trying to integrate that person with them, I simply needed to introduce her to them and let them indicate to me the level of involvement they wanted to have in the process.Communication Is The Key We need to talk to our kids and connect with them regularly throughout the dating process.

However, just because our kids don’t really have a say in who we eventually marry doesn’t mean that they can’t be a part of the dating process.Unfortunately, we are often so eager for our children to like the person we are dating that we push this person on them.

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