Bravo pua online dating best dating site for shy people

19-Nov-2015 05:55

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It’s actually one of the least important numbers of all the numbers you should be tracking.I’ve talked many times before about how I get laid online, regularly and easily, with ridiculously low response rates. Sometimes they climb as high as 8% or even 11% and I’m extremely impressed with myself.It’s not about response rates…it’s about whether or not you’re getting laid. It’s way too easy for guys to get hung up on response rates when the numbers you should be paying attention to are the ones that actually have to do with sex.Such as: Those are the numbers I pay very close attention to.However as the linked article above shows, sometimes my response rates are as low as 2%, On the other side of the coin are these guys all over the internet who brag about “50% response rates” or “80% response rates” or whatever.Every single time I have asked one of these guys how often they’re actually placing their cocks inside new women, the answer I get is deafening silence.

I’ve talked before about how online dating response rates have decreased.While I have not radically changed anything I’m doing online (other than running my usual crazy experiments, some of them successful and some of them not), other guys out there are getting pretty damn creative in order to combat this response rate reduction.