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26-Nov-2014 21:07

Not much about Scobie's life is disclosed in full detail, although he was allergic to latex and used rubber made of neoprene.

Eventually, he began following the crimes of a serial rapist known as "The Piano Man".

Diana, who is in the other room, breaks down and immediately identifies Scobie as her second attacker. No official profile was made of Scobie, since the profile the BAU made of the Piano Man was more directed towards Bartholomew.

However, while searching his house, the BAU discover that Scobie's taste in music is more recent than the piano ballads the Piano Man plays to his victims. as accurately as possible when he assaulted his victims, using the medical records from their first assaults as his source, but he failed to play a piano ballad to said victims, an important part of the M.

Meanwhile, the real Piano Man somehow acquired information about Scobie's actions and killed one of his past victims, Vanessa Campbell, placing a piece of neoprene glove inside her throat post-mortem in order to set up Scobie.Eventually, Garcia manages to find Scobie and a team led by Rossi, Morgan, and JJ is sent to his house.