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"They're the ones who know what they're doing. I'd like for it to be a female, but it really don't matter. "I think it's got both personalities, so it really don't matter." The vet told Clarke-Murphy the cat would need to be both spayed and neutered, and then have reconstructive surgery once a gender is assigned.Vet bill will be about ,500 While the vet bills are estimated to come in around ,500 for all of the cat's surgeries, Clarke-Murphy said it will be worth it to ensure Mittens is in good health.To view the shelter's most recent adoptable pet list, "like" us on Facebook: The Colony Animal Services on Facebook **Please be aware, the shelter population changes constantly, therefore this list is subject to change.** Please visit our Citizen Action Center to submit questions, requests, and receive informational emails.Mittens is a seemingly regular household cat that enjoys being scratched under the chin and chasing string around, but there's one thing about a Newfoundland family's pet that sets it apart – Mittens is a hermaphrodite.More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

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" Clarke-Murphy said she would prefer to have another female cat — she already has a male and female cat — but she'll follow the advice of her vet, who recommends Mittens be assigned a male gender.

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