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12-Dec-2015 05:18

The connections are then heat shrank with adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing that will not budge once shrank.

All in all, it makes them look very clean, and the black on black look keeps it stock looking as well. Can't get any better than shipped for CCA wire, and shipped for OFC wire.

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Email me at [email protected] order, and please have your measurements ready.

These songs are designed to push your system near it's limits on music while being as close to clean as possible, so enjoy Decaf's collection of loud/screwed/demo music.

Just follow the "Decaf Music" tab on the navigation bar to download some tunes! Maybe you're just trying to get that little extra on the meter.

Birds often roost in areas where the droppings deface automobiles, homes, signs and other personal property. We can choose one that is suited specially for you.

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Birds are often problematic due to their droppings.