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A further 25% will be paid halfway through booked time. A further 5% discount will be offered for full payment up front.

The packages are below, but if you want to have a look/listen to some of the stuff we’ve done recently, I’ve set up some “show reels”.You Tube Flickr Soundcloud General Producer Reel Soundcloud Country/Folk Producer Reel Deluxe single package- 2 days in studio (16 hours)- Song pre-production/arrangement (normally 0)- Song recorded, mixed and mastered (normally 40)- Documentary-style video clip (normally 00)- In session photo shoot (normally 0) 11 song album package- 18 days in studio- 11 songs produced and mixed (normally ,000)- 2 Documentary-style video clips (normally 00 each)- 1 EPK (electronic press kit) video (5 minutes length max) (normally 00)- In session photo shoot (normally 0)- Non-session photo shoot (normally 0),000 (,200 worth of value)Extras- Additional songs 00 (limited to additional 12 hours recording/mixingper song)- Non sessions music video (negotiable depending on concept)The fine print…- Studio days are based on an 8 hour work day (additional time is charged at 0 an hour)- Drums, guitars, bass and some keyboards are included for solo artists.