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To learn more, see What Happens if You Default on Your Student Loans.Here are the various ways to get out of default: You can get out of default if you qualify to have your loan canceled (discharged).You will stay out of default as long as you keep making payments.Loan consolidation is usually a faster way to get out of default than a reasonable and affordable payment plan (see below), so it often makes sense to try this first.Many repayment plans and most postponement options require that you not be in default, or that you make three reduced, timely payments to qualify for a postponement or reduced-payment option.In addition, as long as you’re in default, you are not eligible to get new loans or grants.This is the best option, because when you cancel the loan, you are no longer obligated to repay it.

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You can get out of default by getting a consolidation loan with a repayment plan matched to your income With a consolidation loan, you combine one or more of your federal student loans into a single loan with one monthly payment. Once you get a Direct Consolidation Loan, you will immediately be taken out of default status.Some loan servicers, especially collection agencies, may try to make you agree to payments higher than you can afford.