Consumer dating site guide

10-Jun-2015 10:01

Caution urged for consumers looking for love on dating websites UK consumers hoping to find love around the time of Valentine's Day are being urged to understand exactly what they are getting into when they sign up for dating websites.

In other cases, consumers may have signed up for a limited period trial - say one month, three months or six months - and not realised that the trader would extend the membership if the consumer did not cancel.In at least one case the consumer was alerted by her credit card company."We really do urge consumers looking for love on dating websites to exercise caution and to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into."Our general advice to UK consumers considering signing up to a dating website is:• Thoroughly check the dating website's terms and conditions, which may include consumers' obligations, before you sign up. In some cases, these terms and conditions can be quite long and appear complicated, but it is important that consumers understand what they are agreeing to.• Check out a website's 'how to' section if there is one, even if you think you know how they work: each site may operate slightly differently.• Check the website for the company's address and full contract details. • Ensure the site’s payment page is secure – look out for the ‘s’ in https.