Dating a fender showmaster

08-Jun-2015 04:44

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When installing the neck plate, and neck, be sure to tighten the screws in a cross hatch pattern.Meaning don’t tighten one screw fully, and then go to the next. I don’t have any kind of torque rating for tightening, but snug is good.Our new search experience requires Java Script to be enabled. On this page I am going to tear down an American Highway One fender Stratocaster guitar.I’ve found over the years that the only way to learn how something works is to tear it apart.

Sounds and plays great, just looking for a change in guitars.

It looks nearly brand new, no dings or scrapes in the finish that I could see.

The first thing I’m going to do is remove the strings. Using a Philips head screwdriver remove the four screws from the neck.

Be careful when removing the screws not to strip out any of the metal where the screw driver meets the screw.

For you purists get over it, it’s a Highway one, not a limited edition Eric Clapton.

This is not just an exercise in the gross anatomy of a Fender stratocaster, it will also serve as a good reference when putting a strat, or any other electric guitar, back together from any stage, or building an electric guitar from scratch.

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