Dating advice medical students

18-Aug-2016 09:47

Because, back to point 1, you are stupid and everybody knows that. Medicine is rewarding, stimulating, complex and most of all, really fun. Most importantly, work hard, keep your head down, take care of your patients and take responsibility for your actions.

Residency is a great community and an awesome bonding experience. This is by far what will get you through and all that people really expect of you.

In this article I will describe 12 things about being a medical student that I hope will reassure and excite you about the prospect of studying medicine.

I am stupid enough to admit to all of the silly things that I did. My advice though is to complain to your co-workers.

This is not to prove that I’m an idiot, but to allay the fears of anybody who finds themselves in my shoes starting July 1. You might have been a good medical student but you now know essentially nothing. You will miss holidays with families, weddings, birthdays, weekends off, dates with boyfriends. Complaining at home and to your family doesn’t really work as well because they are also suffering your hours and your holiday-missing and they really don’t understand how much your job sucks. Fortunately I have an understanding family and a wonderful, exceptionally tolerant husband.

Being a medical student will involve working harder than you’ve ever worked in your life – but chances are, it’ll also involve having more fun than you’ve ever had before.

There are plenty of off-putting myths about being a medical student, but in reality it’s enjoyable, interesting and highly rewarding, especially in light of what you’re working towards.

As intern year winds down and all of the giddy 4th year medical students are shelling out 200 dollars to rent that a robe for one day of pomp and circumstance, all of us interns are impatiently waiting for the fresh meat to arrive.

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You will do really dumb things though, for example, a wet prep is called a WET prep for a reason…you need to put a few drops of water on it. It might be a change from being a protected doe-eyed medical student to be paged by an older resident or attending to ask you to explain why you did such a thing. Just say, I’m sorry, cry in the corner for one second and get over it. You are not a bad person or incompetent because you made a mistake. This cannot be turned off and have the potential to bring bad news at any time. I’ve done enough deliveries now that I have fun with them. Step back and realize how totally amazing your job is.

However, I must add that having a pager is also something that becomes normal very quickly and grows more annoying than scary as time goes on. I was so nervous when I did my first speculum exam as a resident that it took me five minutes to realize that the speculum was actually broken and that I wasn’t just a complete idiot that didn’t know how to use it. You will develop your own style and you will learn. Something that helped me get through all the nerves is reminding myself that almost everybody that graduates from medical school survives residency and graduates to be a competent physician. You get to help people at their most vulnerable moments.

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