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[top] The Early Medieval period began following the breakdown of Roman power in AD410, and ended with the Norman invasion in AD1066.

The term 'Early Medieval' can be used for sites/monuments dating to the Saxon and Viking/Norse date.

[top] The period of time characterised by an increase in bronze working, covering the period 2600-700BC in the UK.

The Bronze Age follows on from the Neolithic period and is followed by the Iron Age.

Though Jesus is one of the world’s most famous figures, archaeologists have yet to find incontrovertible physical evidence of his existence more than 2,000 years ago.

But various discoveries do shed light upon Jesus’s time and place, and upon some of the historical characters who appear in the New Testament.

[top] The time periods used within the database are summarised here, and are based on the definitions produced by the English Heritage Periods list available from the INSCRIPTIONS website (

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[top] The period of time characterised by an increase in iron working, and the appearance of monuments such as hillforts.

The Iron Age of England covers the period 800BC-AD43, ending on the arrival of the Roman armies.