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To maximize the quality and quantity of women in your life you need to maximize your . But In order to maximize your league you first need to be able to calculate your league which isn’t as straightforward as it seems.I’ve outlined six key areas and broken down tables for each: Each table has a straightforward category and ranking system adding up to a number from 1-10 except for amplifiers which allows for bonus points. The charts allow for you to hit over 10 or under zero but those scores automatically become 10 and 1 with the exception of amplifiers where select men can rank over 10.

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Just follow the examples highlighted in yellow to see exactly how to calculate your score.The table above breaks down how good looking you are with no other factors considered on a scale of 1/10.The laws of sexual economics are no different than the laws of standard economics.In short everyone acts in their own self interest and wants to make the best deal for themselves.

Ranking highly doesn’t mean every girl is going to be attracted to you however.

It just means there is A good looking guy is an 8/10 whereas an average guy is a 5/10. Now keep in mind that women are incredibly diverse in what they prefer in men, these are just generalizations based on As you can see everything is a factor when it comes to your looks in a general sense which is pretty straightforward.