Dating game episodes 1972

15-Dec-2015 14:28

23 December 1965When an orphan visits the Stevens' for Christmas who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, Samantha takes him to the North Pole to visit the real Santa Claus.(Repeat of episode 1.15) 26 January 1967Depressed Aunt Clara wants to turn herself into a useful object.

dating game episodes 1972-30

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25 January 1968During a fight, Darrin says that sometimes he wishes that he and Samantha had never met and Endora grants his wish.

Samantha finds him more successful and about to marry his old girlfriend Sheila.

On a trip to town to cheer her help Sam comes across a famous cow belonging to one of Darrin's clients and kidnaps it thinking that it is her aunt.

13 April 1967Clara conjures up a newspaper that reports that Larry Tate broke his leg on the honeymoon trip they were currently on.

1 February 1968Serena has gone hippie and ends up on the front page of the newspaper and Darrin has to explain to the Tates about her identical cousin.

After hurting Serena's feelings, Darrin can't provide proof of his story. 15 February 1968Aunt Clara's boyfriend Ockie has a castle that is haunted by a most disagreeable ghost.

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