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03-Apr-2015 18:05

As with many children of divorced parents, she didn't feel like the new replacement for her old parent was suitable.

Regardless of gender, she wouldn't have felt like the new person dating her mother would have been what she needed.

Though they'd been out of the closet for nearly 20 years, they were full-heartedly supportive and gave me my time to "come out of the closet." They admitted years later that they were secretly hurt by my wanting to hide them, but they knew that they had been given time to come out, so I should be given the same courtesy.

They listened to their daughter's insecurity about having gay parents and supported me.

I want to first say that her feelings about her father are legitimate.

In her article on The Federalist, Heather explains that her mom left her dad when she was 3.Not only does she openly admit that her father "wasn't a great guy," but she says that he abandoned her after the divorce, and that her mother's new same-sex partner didn't fill the spot of her father.