Dating old kerr jars

15-Aug-2016 08:23

Dating Ball Jars by the Logo Dating Collectible Ball Jars Community Q&A Jar collecting is definitely not an activity where one can acquire a varsity letter jacket, but still is a cool hobby.

Mason jars are molded glass jars used for canning fruits and vegetables and also used by moonshine makers.

The variety of fruits and vegetables we have available is one of the best things about summer in the San Joaquin Valley. Well, you serve it up fresh of course, or give your extras away to friends and neighbors, and you just might do a little freezing, canning or preserving yourself, in order to savor all that goodness in the middle of winter.

And that brings me to this month’s collectible: the humble, but ever so important canning jar.

Canning works by using heat to kill the organisms that can spoil food and then sealing to keep any new ones from entering the container.

We can credit Napoleon Bonaparte with starting the canning trend around 1795.

That’s right, summer’s bounty can be found at our local farmer’s market on Wednesday night, at fruit stands and in our own backyards.

Napoleon’s army was constantly moving and he wanted a safe method for preserving food.

In the long history of food preservation, canning is a fairly recent entry.

People have dried or salted food for eons, but it wasn’t until the late 18th century that food was preserved by heat and sealed in airtight containers.

Production of Mason jars started around 1880 and continues today.Older Mason jars are not recommended for canning because the glass is prone to shatter; however, they can be collectible.

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