Dating someone with sleep apnea

20-Dec-2014 16:53

Common Questions How does using CPAP therapy affect your dating life?

"Singles, XPAP obvious at night or do you hide it until you get to know and trust your date?

The only weird thing for me was that I needed to try to figure out when he was asleep so that I could then put on my mask and go to sleep.

Like somebody else said, it's a definite signal that the fun is over and I never wanted to do that prematurely.

: D I don't snuggle up to him as much as I'd like and there was a pillow strategically placed between us anytime I rolled over to face him because it was way too cold to have the cold air blowing on him.

I try to wake first and sneak everything back under the bed before he gets up. Mike Moran, a very loved and respected poster here, (he's sooo funny it's unbelievable) wears his xpap with such a healthy sense of humor. If you do a search, u will find his postes about it with lots of humor to go with it. You can prowl the malls for men who appear to have mask marks on their faces, (check for a wedding ring second) and go up to the ones you think are cute and ask them out. :lol: Or you can just be upfront with the person before it ever gets to the bedroom stage.

No way I would ever risk him seeing me in a hybrid mask. Whenever I get down about being a single girl on xpap, I go back and read stuff from his book posted here. The ones still looking for that special someone or the ones that found someone and how you exposed your out of the closet right away? Try to make it humorous to make it less scary at first.

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I'd wonder what else they were hiding once they came clean." - Sleepless in St. When I got my first CPAP I was a little embarrassed too. When I first received my mask, I put it on along with a motorcycle helmet and paraded around the house in front of my family and friends. They even called me Maverick from the movie Top Gun for a little while. I have a new boyfriend now, and even though we haven't taken things to that level yet, I made it clear to him upfront that I have it, why I have it, and how much better I feel with it. He's used to the idea and even reminds me to use it, he can tell when I haven't used it in awhile by the way I look, feel, and act.

You'd be surprised how well men can handle these things." - downriverrose "Well, my long-distance boyfriend just left after a week long visit.

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