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17-May-2015 06:07

No, we’re not talking about in bed, we’re talking about the actual relationships themselves.Although there used to be a certain stigma attached to age-gap relationships and their longevity, studies are now proving that on average, a relationship between an older woman and younger man lasts roughly two years.

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But new research is beginning to indicate that when it comes to fertility, older women in relationships with younger men may have a better shot at conceiving, either naturally or with the help of a fertility doctor.

Mick Jagger might not have figured it out, but according to a study published in the 2008 Journal Psychology of Women Quarterly, women who were a decade or older than their partners were more satisfied and committed to their relationships than their female counterparts who were in a relationship with someone closer to their own age.

for the ladies to be dating someone a few years younger than them too. With more and more women following their hearts and doing whatever the heck they want in terms of their dating lives, it seems as though there are more reasons than ever to go for a younger guy.

And now, thanks to several new studies, science seems to be behind it too.

Perhaps there’s something to being more open about what you want after all.

It’s long seemed unfair that a woman has to contend with their biological clocks on a scale that men don’t.

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