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Wyatt is with him again, and they've brought gifts. So, instead, they’re all in what is fast becoming their meeting room.

Rufus hands her a mug that, as it turns out, is filled with coffee. Wyatt places two bowls on the table - apparently, somewhere in the building, they managed to find chips and popcorn. Lucy is leaning over a laptop, reading about how the New Deal came about in this new timeline. Every time we go back in time, I’m about as out of place as any audience member might feel.

She furrows her eyebrows, then shrugs it off and tries to focus on the new information in front of her. On her other side, Rufus produces a notebook and pen and starts pondering some calculations. * It’s past midnight on – Wyatt thinks it’s a Wednesday, though it’s hard to be sure.

She actually succeeds so well that when Rufus opens the office door, he startles her so much that she jumps in her seat and has to take two deep breaths to regain control. They’re all tired, but too wired to sleep, and Lucy doesn’t want to go home just yet, not when it means facing her mother and enduring another grilling on why her new consulting job has her out at all hours.

What happens when Lucy finally realises that if they keep changing the past, her background in history isn't going to mean much?

There is no plot to be found here, just team friendship (theirs), sleep deprivation (mine and also probably theirs), and the vaguest of possibilities for an ongoing series.

About six missions into her new life as a time-travelling crime-fighter, Lucy realises that with every trip to the past, her usefulness decreases.

Every time they fail to preserve history exactly as it had been, her knowledge of the past they might travel to the next time becomes less accurate.

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" She turns the laptop to face him so that he can read the screen, which is currently displaying a headline that definitely didn't exist before their most recent trip to the past. Wyatt points at the laptop and looks at her questioningly, so she shows him the same headline she showed Rufus.

He nods, then he and Rufus put their heads together and consult for a few moments before walking away without so much as another glance in her direction. But that doesn't mean you have to be alone while you brush up." He pulls out his phone, leans back in his seat, and starts flicking through it.

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