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23-Dec-2015 03:54

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This “other” language being spoken can spiral negatively if we give off the wrong vibes, without us really understanding why. You are dating someone who is usually very touch-feely and engaging. Rapport is defined as a relationship of mutual trust. When you have a connection with someone (picture lovers and best-friends) it is not uncommon to see them act like mirrors of each other physically.In most cases this can be corrected with a sprinkling of body-language .Flirting is almost entirely played out with body-language.Here are a few examples of that I feel bridge the gender divide.

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I have refrained from judging these behaviors, but in the case of (1) and (2) we can clearly see they are borne of insecurity.Too many of these kind of behaviors may signal deep-rooted lack of self-esteem or latent emotional trauma — if a pattern of manipulation emerges, you may want to simply dodge the bullet and seek transparency elsewhere.Almost everyone I speak to claims that there are two distinct cognitive and behavioral languages — “womanese”, and “manese” (if you will).While I agree in principal that there are some differences, not all of our behavior is all that dissimilar.

Ah yes, mixed signals, the bane and x-factor of our collective romantic lives.In this article I will discuss how I feel we can best navigate the treacherous waters of pan-sexual psychology and to come out swinging at the other end.

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