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Definitely Hiphop, the album’s themes are intimate and immediate : childhood, love, or even isolation…

This album invites us to a trip across different destinations and emotions.

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[Slawth] Beer belly Get the cheddar Never bills stacked high Lurking through the void ill-advised Hills have eyes Chef Slawth from the top Let me show'em how the cream's made Hit the sack early Till they're chirpin' for my dreams sake I arrived in my sun-soaked gillie Suited for the winter My dinner is rap-beef chili Will they learn?Or continue to feed the bottomless pit of dead rappers And fading back to anonymous?Kids assemble to be heard from the cheap seats East bound, bring your feelings in a bucket to be kicked Riverside, until every single leech feeds And your soul will be freed to be hunted in the mist Here it is.[chorus] I've got so much to lose and I've waited so long When I look all around Everything has gone wrong I've got so much to lose but I've waited so long When I look all around Everything has gone...

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Headed to the top me and wifey in the cockpit drop it all that negativity stop it Or else your liable to be a hostage so let it go this ain't a threat I'm just letting know, It's 211joe.[Cory Bugz] Left the hood, now I'm coming off deadly, Collected myself and my soul is never ending, So now I rock this game like a pendant on my necklace but gold chains ain't up on my check-list Scripting my life, a steady wordsmith I've been told many times this craft is worthless Many times I left class Inserted emotions into my lines, inside of these rhymes I find coping, I know this, yeah it takes some work Stop telling me what I'm doing Yeah, I am my own person, coming up with a movement You could see I'm not perfect Steady making improvements, I am my endorsements.