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Letter of Endorsement of the University Registrar to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) 6. Photocopy of School Representative’s or Liaison Officer’s ID issued by the Bureau of Immigration 8.Documents must be submitted in a green folder with fastener Students must submit their passport to the Liaison Officer (LO) and must leave their contact numbers in case they will be called for further requirements/confirmation and for information on the date of payment at the BI.The duplicate serves as a proof of submission.] Step 3: The documents are released with the Order of Payment Slip (OPS) within the day.With the OPS, the student is informed that he/she can already pay the processing fee at the BI Cashier.International students are subject to the requirements of the Bureau of Immigration for the issuance of student visa or special study permit prior to enrollment.There are 3 types of processing involved to enable an international student to study in the Philippines.Two copies of the list are preferred: one copy is submitted to Student Visa Section and a duplicate for the LO.The duplicate is important for there have been incidents in the past when the BI lost track of the papers that have been submitted.

The Special Study Permit is required of students who are less than 18 years old and those who will enroll in certificate program.

Below are the steps to follow in order to obtain the said permit. Join request letter written by the student and Liaison Officer 3.

Step 1: The student submits the requirements to the Liaison Officer of the Office of the Registrar (RO) for validation. Consolidated General Application Form with 2×2 photo taken within 3 months upon submission 4.

Notice of Acceptance (issued by the University Registrar and addressed to the student) 5.

Step 2: The LO submits the documents to Student Visa Section, Bureau of Immigration Quezon City Hall.

[The Liaison Officer must have a list (or transmittal slip) of the names of the applicants whose documents are submitted.

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