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Could be Carly's way of trying to ignore any crush/feelings towards Sam by pretending she prefers boys while not really trying either.

A few episodes of i Carly show development in the Cam pairing, whether it's restating their friendship, or hinting at the prospect that Carly and Sam may have a deeper relationship than what meets the eye.

This relationship was always considered unlikely to happen because i Carly is broadcast on Nickelodeon, a children/teen television network that is too scared to break ground out of fear of backlash. All Ship Warring or fighting will be punished severely by the administrators!

Considering Carly is an extremely popular web show host, considered attractive if not outright hot, it remains puzzling why she would have such troubles attracting/keeping a boyfriend unless Carly unconsciously tried/wanted to sabotage such relationships.

This is a major friendship episode between Carly and Sam.

When Carly gets a B+ on her history paper, just because her teacher Mr.

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Rivaling Seddie and Creddie, the Cam ship is the third major ship on i Carly.

While the Cam Friendship is an undisputed part of the show, there are also many situations that could suggest a romantic attraction or deeper love between the two.