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Since 23 October 2012, the At-sign is registered as a trade mark by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office—DPMA (registration number 302012038338) for @T. This practice, known as address munging, makes the email addresses less vulnerable to spam programs that scan the internet for them.Another contemporary use of the @ symbol in American English is adding information about a sporting event.In terms of the commercial character of the at sign, there are several theories pending verification.Whatever the origin of the @ symbol, the history of its usage is more well-known: it has long been used in Spanish and Portuguese as an abbreviation of arroba, a unit of weight equivalent to 25 pounds, and derived from the Arabic expression of "a quarter" (الربع pronounced ar-rubʿ).).Currently, the word arroba means both the at-symbol and a unit of weight.In Italian, the symbol represents one amphora, a unit of weight and volume based upon the capacity of the standard amphora jar, and entered modern meaning and use as "at the rate of" or "at price of" in northern Europe.Until now the first historical document containing a symbol resembling a @ as a commercial one is the Spanish "Taula de Ariza", a registry to denote a wheat shipment from Castile to Aragon in 1448. While company promoters have claimed that it may from now on be illegal for other commercial interests to use the At-sign,.Even though the oldest fully developed modern @ sign is the one found on the above-mentioned Florentine letter. On web pages, organizations often obscure email addresses of their members or employees by omitting the @.

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The at sign, @, normally read aloud as "at", also commonly called the at symbol or commercial at, is originally an accounting and commercial invoice abbreviation meaning "at a rate of" (e.g. In contemporary use, the at sign is most commonly used in email addresses.It was not included on the keyboard of the earliest commercially successful typewriters, but was on at least one 1889 model The earliest yet discovered reference to the @ symbol is a religious one; it features in a Bulgarian translation of a Greek chronicle written by Constantinos Manasses in 1345 (See Figure left).

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