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14-Jul-2016 06:07

At this age, his spark and presentation skills are much higher than others his age.

He gained his academic qualifications from being affiliated to institutes like Marshall Academy, Later on, he moved to another institute in Florida, where he finished his higher education with good grades.

The proud parents raised him to become a successful icon in the industry.

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) is returning to reality TV for a new gay dating show based around ex-boyfriends competing to go on dates with a pool of new men. Says Pollard in the teaser: “I have such a connection with my gay fans.I love them so much because they understand what it is to be misunderstood.” We see just a few of the contestants in the teaser but You Tube commenters have already noted the obvious: they all seem to be “bland white twinks.” This could be just a teaser filmed to generate interest with little in the can except what we see here.