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30-Nov-2015 23:52

Former S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt has said she leapt at the chance to play a diva having a “stereotypical celebrity meltdown” in a new play celebrating the 150th anniversary of one of Europe's grand hotels.

Spearritt, 33, who has starred in TV’s Primeval and a tour of One Man, Two Guvnors since the pop group disbanded, plays a pop star making a comeback in The Armour by Ben Ellis which will premiere in London next month. “She's full of attitude, a tad off the wall, has a Twitter follower-fuelled ego but is quite vulnerable beneath the diva façade.”And the additional attraction of the play was the unusual venue.

Spearritt became well-known all over the globe as one of the members of the British pop music group S Club 7. Age: 35 years old Birthday: April 1, 1981Height: 5' 4"Nickname: Minty Spanner Titch Full Name / Real Name: Hannah Louise Spearritt Birthplace: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK "Primeval: New World" cast members Niall Matter and Sara Canning Syfy Acquires 'Primeval: New World' — Niall Matter, Sara Canning and Danny Rahim star in the spin-off of the original "Primeval" series.

television, include the telefilm "Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel," a recurring role in the series "Blessed," "The Inspector Pitt Mysteries" and the children's series "Blue Peter," as well as various commercials.

“When it dawned on me that I'd be acting in a five-star hotel room, I thought, Ooh,’ ello, this is new.”She will be joined by Finty Williams, 42, who said she accepted the challenge of playing the wife of French emperor Louis Napoleon III in the intimacy of the hotel because it will be the closest the stage can be to film acting “which is a great art that I’ve seriously never mastered – I’m quite good at being big and expressive”.

Like her mother, Dame Judi Dench, she gets uncomfortable watching herself on screen.

HANNAH Spearritt has hit back at her ex-fiancé Adam Thomas after he revealed she dumped him for her bandmate Paul Cattermole.

The S Club 7 singer was spotted kissing Paul on a London tube last week, seeming to confirm that they're relationship was back on.

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Paul and Hannah originally dated for 5 years back in the noughties, but split up nearly a decade ago in 2006.Hannah has now spoken out and denied Adam's claims that she referred to Paul as "the fat one who can't dance". No one is going to ruin what we have.” Hannah added: "We’re really happy together.