Harry judd dating izzy johnston

27-Oct-2015 00:13

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Izzy's parents left her asleep and raced to Hemel Hempstead hospital, where their son had been taken by ambulance.

"The first I knew something was wrong was when I was getting ready for school and Mum phoned - but it didn't sound like Mum," says Izzy, 28, now a soloist.

When Mc Fly's Harry Judd married his bride Izzy Johnston four days before Christmas, their wedding day was filled with unforgettable special moments.

He was hugely competitive with our brothers Magnus and Guy. "He had a brilliant, natural musical talent - the whole family is musical and my parents a music school.

He had been driving home from Somerset in the early hours.

Izzy says: "Ironically, he was rushing back to get back to a music lesson he didn't want to miss." No one ever discovered why he crashed only minutes from home, but it is thought he could have nodded off at the wheel and momentarily lost control.

Rupert was studying at Guildhall School of Music and had been he National Youth Orchestra.

"She said Rupert had been in an accident and the police were coming to pick me up to take me to the hospital. But I soon realised it was a lot more serious than a broken leg." In fact, Rupert, now 34, was on a life-support machine.And it was also clear from the first scans that he had suffered brain damage after smashing into the back of an articulated lorry.

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