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03-Jun-2015 21:39

You are now a bloody red ragdoll suspended in the air on my mighty horn.

Crazy Mixed-Up Kid: My sister recently moved back to town.

Should I confront my sister about this or just let it go? And if your daughter has a sudden interest in doing the laundry, maybe it’s because Holly told her to hop aboard the washing machine when it’s in the spin cycle.

Having an free-spirited aunt with whom you can share confidences you don’t want to discuss with your mother is a great thing for a teenage girl.

I’ve always been the serious one, and she’s more of a Holly Golightly free spirit. She adores our daughter, and has been a readily available sitter and chauffeur.

She also seems to be acting as the big sister our daughter never had, and I wouldn’t be surprised if our daughter told her aunt things she doesn’t tell us.

Obviously, our daughter wouldn’t be the first 13-year-old girl put in an awkward situation to lie, either.

I really think this kind of thing needs to stay between mother and daughter.

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Embarrassed, she said her aunt had “taught her this trick.” Now, I can easily imagine she may have just thrown that out as an inappropriate joke, but I wouldn’t put it past her to have meant it seriously.

But this should not be a confrontation, instead make it a humorous conversation.