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09-Jul-2015 18:25

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For many Muslims who have grown up in the West, dating and getting married can be challenging.

Determined to find love on their own terms, some Muslim Millennials are now turning their backs on family-sanctioned matchmaking, and turning to their smartphones instead.

"I'm the oldest of six so they think that I should follow that traditional route to have them find someone for me." Like most single Muslims, Mubeen is used to meeting potential suitors handpicked by her parents or relatives.

In fact, her recent Pakistan trip involved yet another awkward matchmatching experience.

"That's one of the reasons why I had to go back there," she said, laughing.

"My dad lives there for half a year and he wanted to talk about the whole marriage process because I'm getting older.

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The site, which has since been renamed 'Ishqr', is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek take on conservative Muslim matrimonial websites, such as Shaadi or Single Muslim.

Humaira Mubeen has just returned from a trip to Pakistan to visit her father.

But as the oldest daughter, it was no ordinary catch-up. Even though she was born and bred in the US, being an unmarried Muslim at her age is a worry for her parents. "My parents are very traditional still in that sense," she said over the phone from Washington DC, where she lives.

I'm 25 and I'm still not married." Mubeen is one of many young, university-educated and 'Westernised' Muslims who are feeling immense pressure to get married.

But as a self-confessed 'Mipster' (a portmanteau for 'Muslim hipster'), she is determined to find love on her own terms, and to help others do the same.

She is currently developing a mobile app for the site.

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