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To find out, start by checking with the relevant state labor department or consult an attorney.

In the absence of contractual agreements that restrict work hours (such as collective bargaining agreements), employers may effectively force employees to work any number of mandatory overtime hours within reason.

If you are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Rehabilitation Act, then your employer might be required to modify your mandatory overtime schedule to reasonably accommodate your disability.

Federal overtime law under the FLSA does not prohibit employers from forcing employees to work mandatory overtime.

In fact, the FLSA doesn't at all restrict the total number of work hours that employers may schedule for employees who are age 16 or older.

The FLSA restricts work hours only for employees who are younger than age 16.

As a result, workers 16 and older who refuse to work it are "legally" subject to employer discipline, up to and including discharge.

Under FLSA overtime law (exclusive of child-labor provisions), total daily and weekly work hours are a matter of contractual agreement between employers and employees or employers and unions.