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10-Oct-2015 06:33

Many women take a "do it yourself" approach to artificial insemination in order to avoid the costs associated with going through a doctor or sperm bank.

Each artificial insemination attempt through official channels costs about ,000, and it can take several such attempts before a pregnancy results."It's a lot cheaper to get someone to come on over with their donation, and then do it yourself at home," CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said.

It ordered him to reimburse the state for ,000 in public assistance payments, and to make back-payments on child support.

In the resulting lawsuit, Marotta's attorney, Ben Swinnen, argued that Marotta was a sperm donor and therefore not liable for child support.

One of the women, Jennifer Schreiner, became pregnant from Marotta's sperm and gave birth to a daughter in December 2009.

When she appealed for public assistance in 2012, the Kansas Department for Children and Families launched an investigation and declared that Marotta was the child's father and was therefore responsible for the costs.

Swinnen condemned the court's ruling and its implication that his client is a deadbeat dad."We stand by that contract," Swinnen said.

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(Natural News) A Kansas court has ordered a man who volunteered to act as a sperm donor to a lesbian couple to pay child support, despite a contract he and the couple signed absolving him of any parental obligations.

In March 2009, William Marotta answered a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple seeking donated sperm.