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She won the role after many auditions and beat out 200 other hopeful auditionees.

The Vice President of Casting for Disney channel, Judy Taylor, said that she was “completely engaging” and had a “great presence” & “high energy.” In the next season, casting directors are seeking young extras and background dancers for the show!


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In the first season, Disney casting directors searched for 2 female co-leads for the show.

They were hoping to find someone with a lot of experience but couldn’t pass up Bella Thorne who had no professional dance experience before and now currently takes up to three dance lessons a week to improve her skills.

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The best friends Ce Ce Jones and Raquel “Rocky” Blue, have finally made their dreams a reality when they get to be background dancers on the most popular fiction teen dance show called, “Shake It Up, Chicago.” Although with new fame comes new problems in life that will put their friendship to the test.The dance concept for the show is now Disney’s 3rd original series.

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