Naughty personal webcam ryan cabrera and audrina patridge dating

02-Aug-2015 15:49

As they use pre-recorded video streams, the victim thinks they are contacting a real person via webcamand is tempted by a naughty virtual game between adults.

A person with an attractive profile will contact you.Based on this initial information, ,in parallel with the conversation, they will look for additional information that can be found about the victim on the Internet (phone number, address, company name, list of Facebook friends, professional contact lists on Viadeo, Linked In, etc).Throughout the conversation, the dialogue may be "naughty" and move towards a conversation via webcam video.It is after getting a video of their victim and enough personal information about them thatthe scammer may finally reveal their true intentions and begin the blackmail.

For several years now, organised gangs of scammers mainly from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, the Philippines, etc have been running these webcam video scams on the Internet.Initially on dating sites, they now operate on general social networks like Facebook and on professional social networks like Linked In or Viadeo.