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05-Feb-2016 17:54

It feels like a straight-up neg, forcing me to either deny watching the show because I'm soooo much cooler than a "regular" girl (uh, I'm not, and I'm not remotely embarrassed to like ) or to defend my job.

Neither of which I feel like doing to this dude, who thinks he gets to decide how much television I should or shouldn't be watching. Of course, social media went wild with Rihanna’s claims that she’d never even met the NBA player, and almost instantly Barnes became the butt of many jokes on Instagram and Twitter.

I'm irrationally irritated about an online dating message I just received, but then I got four hours of sleep after an 11-hour, third-wheel road trip in a cramped U-haul yesterday, so maybe my judgment is skewed. , Candace Bushnell, cosmopolitans, Manolo Blahniks, expensive shoes of any kind, or how hard it is when my tutu gets splashed by a bus (although I hate when that happens).

So I couldn't help but wonder: Are all men just assuming they know what's in our hearts and on our TVs?

The likely relation, of course, is that my profile specifies that I write about dating and relationships for a living.

It was released on July 1, 1997, by his Bad Boy record label.

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On Sunday night, Rihanna took to Instagram with a freeze frame from Barnes interview, as well as a series of hashtags implying that Rihanna has never even met Barnes.

Barnes responded to Rihanna’s Instagram post with a comment of his own.

Thanks, Mom, but I get to control my own remote now.

No Way Out is the debut studio album by American hip hop recording artist, songwriter and record producer Puff Daddy.

By now, you’ve likely heard that Matt Barnes implied that he’s dating Rihanna, which was denied by Rihanna on Instagram in a rather grand fashion.Since Rihanna’s Instagram denial, music and sports fans alike have taken to social media to make light of Matt Barnes and his alleged relationship with Riri. It didn’t take long for Rihanna to set the record straight.

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