Original photo dating

05-Oct-2016 17:01

Working under the premise that these are the Bronte sisters, and the photo is a copy of a daguerreotype, this page examines clues in the image which may help date the original photo.

If these are the Bronte sisters then the most likely location is York so the photo could only have been taken after the opening of the photographic studio there in September 1844 but before the death of Emily Bronte in 1848.

Her family was dealing with her brother George's mental illness and early in 1845 she took him to Harrogate and Bridlington. Some articles in newspapers and journals mention a of the Bronte sisters.

Anne was writing poetry, becoming depressed and may or may not have been aware of Branwell's affair.

Emily was just fine, writing poetry, cooking and cleaning at Haworth. It is not yet known whether there is evidence that Charlotte and Emily visited York together in 1845.

The only person to enter Haworth Parsonage, freshly arrived from Germany, was Mary Taylor when she stayed with the sisters in December 1844.(see Straw Hats & Cloaks) Christmas Holidays Anne is thought to have spent the Christmas holidays at Haworth, returning to Thorp Green Hall, near York on 18 January 1845, the day after her 25th birthday.This again narrows the date of the photo to between 18 January 1845, and June 1845. The first six months of 1845: At Haworth, Charlotte was frustrated because her letters to Constantin Héger received no response. Branwell & Anne were working at Thorp Green Hall for the Robinson family.Her plans to open a school in the Parsonage had been abandoned. Branwell was continuing his affair with Mrs Robinson.

If there is no mention of it in their correspondence then it may be due to events taking place in this period.Researchers depend heavily upon the letters between Charlotte and Ellen Nussey for information, but at this point in time Ellen had problems as well.

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