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09-Mar-2016 18:10

Ever since Nelly posted Miss Shantel Jackson as his #WCW a couple weeks ago the rumor mill has been spinning non-stop with whispers that the two are dating.Last night the two appeared together at Miami Heat vs.Rumors are one thing, but BOSSIP sources with intimate knowledge of the situation have confirmed for us that Nelly and Shantel ARE a couple and have been dating for several months now in the wake of her separation from boxing champ Floyd Mayweather earlier this year.According to official records filed in Missouri, the Department of Revenue filed a lien against Nelly, aka Cornell Haynes II, accusing him of owing a total of 9,511.69 for unpaid taxes for the year 2013.

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The Department of Revenue apparently got tired of waiting for its money and earlier this year filed a lawsuit in an attempt to collect on the 0,000 by garnishing his bank accounts to seize any money he had. The companies have yet to respond to the garnishment demands, and are supposed to hand over all money the rapper has in accounts with them.Recently, the Department fired off executions of garnishment to Nelly’s bankers, US Bancorp Investments Inc. The case is still active and will continue on with the Department of Revenue attempting to collect on their money.Charlotte Bobcats game, the team which Nelly owns a minority share.Several fans were in the building and caught camera phone snaps of Cornell and Shantel kickin’ it court side.

The document states the lien will be placed against all of the rapper’s assets and property until he pays them in full for the back taxes.

Further, they will begin to seize his assets if he doesn’t settle the debt quickly.

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