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Power is set to .80 or higher and significance level to .05 or lower in order to detect intervention effects.

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The present article presents the rationale behind an EU-funded research project (PREPARE) examining effects of community-based (school delivered) interventions conducted in four sites in sub-Saharan Africa.Two further interventions are more comprehensive aiming to promote healthy sexual practices.One of these (Western Cape, South Africa) also aims to reduce intimate partner violence while the other (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) utilises school-based peer education.We expect PREPARE interventions to have an impact on hypothesized determinants of risky sexual behaviour and in Western Cape and Dar es Salaam to change sexual practices. Preventive programmes must target adults as well as adolescents.

Schools will be randomly allocated (after matching or stratification) to intervention and delayed intervention arms.Baseline surveys at each site are followed by interventions and then by one (Kampala and Limpopo) or two (Western Cape and Dar es Salaam) post-intervention data collections.