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01-Apr-2016 11:14

I’ve been on some Arab dating sites (OK, all of them), and I’ve noticed while I’ve messaged many women, none have ever messaged me. I also know it is true because some women have attempted to set me up with their friends, unless I’m being used as some sort of prank or twisted revenge on another woman. I just can’t spend the rest of my life explaining myself to anyone.Maybe it’s just because they’re shy, or maybe because they don’t want to seem desperate. In the hopes that this is not true, I am writing this to try and explain how awesome I am. I have a bachelor’s degree in History, a master’s degree in Middle East Studies, and a law degree. Don’t ask me, “Why would you go to school for all that time and not use your degrees? We have a certain kind of psychosis that no one else could ever understand.So not only would I love to be with an Arab woman, I kind of have to be. It seems that many are afraid to put themselves out there for fear of what our community might think of them.And many others have some sort of idea of what their “prince charming” is supposed to look like, and what kind of job he should have, and what kind of car he should drive.I have asked out many Arab women who have immediately told me, “You know I’m not going to sleep with you, right? I understand if you mean you’re not going to sleep with me after the first date.But if you mean ‘never,’ then we might have a problem.” Yes, white people, our traditions are strong. I would call off sick from work to go to a demonstration. Whenever I travel to Palestine, right before the plane lands, I get butterflies in my stomach, like I'm about to see my first love… The woman I’m looking for does not need to “be” Palestinian, but she does need to be “Palestinian.” Of course, I, like any other man, like certain physical characteristics in a woman.

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So if your name is Brittany, you can probably stop reading now.

And sorry white girls, I’m only looking for an Arab woman.