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Near Warm Springs, Route 9 ran along the present-day Route 262 routing between Route 17 (present-day I-880) and Route 21 (present-day Route 680). Between the present-day Route 262/I-680 junction near Warm Springs and Irvington, Route 9 ran cosigned with Route 21 to Irvington, near Mission San Jose.This segment was LRN 5, and was added to the state highway system in 1909. "LRN" refers to the Pre-1964 Legislative Route Number. "I" refers to an Eisenhower Interstate signed route."Route" usually indicates a state shield signed route, but said route may be signed as US or I.Between Milpitas and Warm Springs, Route 9 ran N along a LRN 69 (Route 17, now I-880) to present-day Route 262 near Warm Springs.This segment, as LRN 69, was added to the state highway system in 1933.In 1934, Route 9 was signed along the route from Santa Cruz to Milpitas via Redwood Park.

Before the current bridge over the Guadalupe River was constructed, it took a route into Alviso via Gold Street north and 1st Street southwest back to current Route 237.Near the mission (at Mission Blvd), Route 9 diverged, continuing signed as Route 9 (but still LRN 5) along what is now Route 238, ending at US 50 (present-day I-580). In July 2005, the CTC considered relinquishment of right of way in the City of Saratoga, between Saratoga-Los Gatos Road and 0.13 kilometer west of Sixth Street, consisting of nonmotorized transportation facilities, namely sidewalks.

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