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14-Jul-2015 23:47

Most sexual events are narrated and critiqued by a caged parrot.

When the 24 hour period expires, the judge counts the scores of the remaining two men and the score is tied.

The woman on top is one of the most common sexual positions (despite the enduring belief that missionary position is the most popular).

One man decides to quit the competition and return home to his wife (veteran Brazilian porn actress Vânia Bournier), whom he finds having sexual intercourse with "Jack", their German Shepherd dog, in Brazil's first scene of cinematic zoophilia.

Her husband takes revenge by leaving her to romance a talking male horse, whom the man persuades to penetrate her in the rear-end.

24 Horas de Sexo Explícito was Marins' biggest box-office success and two years later, he directed a sequel named 48 Hours of Hallucinatory Sex.

Three men make a wager on which one will have sex with more women in a period of 24 hours.

Marins shot the film for the production company Fotocenas Filmes which agreed to finance his project of a new Zé do Caixão film.

After the release of the film, producers failed to finance Marins for his project.

One of the graduates wants to expand her food business.… continue reading »

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"And if we had any money left over, we'd sometimes go to the Glamorgan 10-pin bowling alley.… continue reading »

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