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14-Apr-2015 19:45

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Use other means to keep in touch – texting, phone calls and emails and value the time you do get together. Meeting – if, when and how you meet the kids has to be the decision of the parent.

They will naturally be reticent about introducing someone new into their children’s lives too soon – they will usually want to be sure of the relationship themselves first. Attention – it is natural to want your new love to lavish you with attention and affection but if you are dating a single parent the chances are their kids get the largest share of their attention.

Meeting for lunch when the kids are at school, or on the weekends if they go to stay with other family members, are sometimes better alternatives to traditional evening dates. Time – it might be frustrating for you if you want to spend time with your new love and they simply can’t get away.

Try not to take it personally – they probably would want to spend more time with you if they could.

Remember you are the grown up and they are the kids – talk to your date if you don’t know how to be with them. Be yourself – try not to adopt a certain role, or lavish children with gifts to win their affection, they will see through you.

You are setting yourself up for a fall later on if you pretend to be something you are not. Adult relationship – make sure that you continue to see your date as a man/woman in their own right rather than just as a parent.

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Most single parents are dating because they want to shed their role as mum or dad for a while and engage in the adult world.

By fulfilling their needs they will be more able to give their children what they need. Be honest – dating a single parent can be challenging for some people.