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18-Mar-2015 05:49

Savage later told Los Angeles magazine that she had searched Vickers’s phone bills for clues about the life that led to such an end.

In the months before her grotesque death, Vickers had made calls not to friends or family but to distant fans who had found her through fan conventions and Internet sites.

Certainly she received much more attention in death than she did in the final years of her life.

With no children, no religious group, and no immediate social circle of any kind, she had begun, as an elderly woman, to look elsewhere for companionship.

Social media—from Facebook to Twitter—have made us more densely networked than ever.

Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier (or more narcissistic)—and that this loneliness is making us mentally and physically ill.

Within two weeks, by Technorati’s count, Vickers’s lonesome death was already the subject of 16,057 Facebook posts and 881 tweets.

Playboy playmate and B-movie star, best known for her role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, would have been 83 last August, but nobody knows exactly how old she was when she died.Vickers’s web of connections had grown broader but shallower, as has happened for many of us.According to the Los Angeles coroner’s report, she lay dead for the better part of a year before a neighbor and fellow actress, a woman named Susan Savage, noticed cobwebs and yellowing letters in her mailbox, reached through a broken window to unlock the door, and pushed her way through the piles of junk mail and mounds of clothing that barricaded the house.Upstairs, she found Vickers’s body, mummified, near a heater that was still running.

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Her computer was on too, its glow permeating the empty space.The Los Angeles Times posted a story headlined “Mummified Body of Former Playboy Playmate Yvette Vickers Found in Her Benedict Canyon Home,” which quickly went viral.

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